Are you fond of playing paintball? Do you enjoy the colors splashing all over you whenever you’re hit by your opponent? Or do you consider this as a hobby already?

Many companies actually resort to doing indoor paintball games for their team buildings and corporate outings. Imagine the excitement you will feel when you’re in the ground and doing the game, probably you’re first aim is to hit your enemy with your gun. But apart from the excitement, of course you and your team will need to have a strategy – a plan as to how you will victoriously defeat your opponents during the game. This kind of game actually encourages sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork and most of all, fun all throughout.

paintball indoor call of duty army of two

However, you have to remember that there are specific things you’ll have to consider especially if you’re a solo-flight hobbyist of this game. These things are referred to as vital equipment to ensure safety during the whole duration of the play and would help the player envision real-life war through the game emphasizing on self-defense and on improving thinking skills for survival means.

Paintball Tanks

To make the experience a bit realistic, the use of tanks will give you an edge over those who don’t have it. Tanks will give convenience as your whole body will be inside and will be fully protected – except of course for your head as you will need to place it outside (as designed). So, instead of running all over the war game area, you just have to drive these cute but strong vehicles to find your opponents and hit them with your tank gun.

paintball tanks co2 refill

Now in choosing what kind of tank to use, it depends on your requirements. There are different kinds of paintball tanks, particularly CO2, High Pressure Air and Nitrogen tanks that surely serve different purposes.

Pump Paintball Guns

Of course, the whole game will be useless without these innovative guns used mainly for this particular game. Before, throwing those non-toxic paintballs was how they played the game – but with the development of these creative guns, the war game experience becomes more exciting.

Remember that this paintball gun has four major parts – the barrel, the body or the actual gun, the loaders or casing where paintballs are held or kept, and the air tank or the propellant which pushes the paintball through the barrel and then outside the gun.

jt raptor pump paintball marker gun with a duck

In choosing which gun to buy, you have to check on the manufacturer and of course ask the store as they will have an expert opinion about which one is the most popular among paintball gamers and the best one to use.

Custom Paintball Masks

Another important equipment to buy when playing paintball is the mask. This will cover and protect your face from getting hit by the paintball. Depending on the mask, there are those that allow full coverage of the head while others just offer protection on the face.

custom paintball masks army of two triple seven

custom paintball masks army of two triple seven

Now, there are shops that offer customized designs for gamers. This will give a personalized touch and appearance for gamers whenever they’re on the field. Depending on their requirements, they can choose from a range of designs, give their own designs or ask the makers to create a design for them based on their preferences. Different colors can also be applied to exhibit one’s personality.

Paintball Shop

If you’re thinking of buying equipment for this game, be sure to go to a credible paintball shop that offers almost anything you need – from guns to masks to tanks. You have to check on their website as well, if they have, and look for any client testimonials so you are sure that they’re going to provide you with the best equipment and customization service that you’ll require.